I hope to impart upon my students the importance of evaluating information that is presented to them, being critical thinkers, and being engaged citizens within a global society.”

Allison’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Science?

“As a child, I was always interested in science and gravitated towards life science. While in college, I was fascinated by biology and how all disciplines of science can be found within biology. As a teacher, I love seeing students’ reactions as they begin to understand how science explains the functions of the world around them.”

Professional Experience

Prior to transitioning to the field of education, Allison worked in marine animal husbandry as an exhibit supervisor for Living Exhibits, Inc. In this role, she was responsible for maintaining animal exhibits and life support systems, as well as providing care and enrichment for cownose and southern stingrays, and nurse, bonnethead, and leopard sharks. Allison began teaching full time at Westlake High School during the 2016–2017 school year.


Allison enjoys volleyball, hiking, and backpacking.

Academic Background

  • DePaul University (Master of Education in Teaching and Learning Secondary Education: Biology)
  • California Lutheran University (Bachelor of Arts in Biology)