In the classroom, I’m passionate about instilling math confidence, especially by trying to elevate female voices and ideas.”

Emily’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Math

“I am excited about the possibility of building confidence in the math classroom, emphasizing that fast math doesn’t always equal good math, and showing students that math is a lot more fun and creative than it sometimes lets on. I was never the best math student or the person who figured out the answer the fastest, but that didn’t stop me from being successful, and I want to pass that attitude on to my students.”  

Professional Experience

As a long-term substitute teacher, Emily taught Precalculus and Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry for six weeks. While studying at Northwestern University, she worked as a graduate assistant. In this role, she planned bi-weekly coffee hours and quarterly colloquia with guest speakers covering education-related topics. Additionally, she collaborated with administrators to restructure the program’s strategic plan to reflect the school’s guiding commitments to teacher education. As a private math tutor with three years of experience, Emily has practiced many of the same skills that she uses in the classroom.

Emily will begin her first year of teaching at Lane Tech College Prep High School during the 2021–2022 school year.  


Emily enjoys baking, cooking, exercising, playing volleyball, exploring restaurants and neighborhoods, and trying new coffee shops around Chicago

Academic Background

  • Washington University in Saint Louis (Bachelor of Arts in Spanish)
  • Northwestern University (Master of Science in Secondary Math Education)