The world is a complex place; and as we look for meaning in numbers, we find that we can use numbers to find meaning in the world.”

John’s Story

Teaching Disciplines


Why Mathematics

“Originally, I had pictured myself as a science teacher. I think back to the science teachers I had, and they brought so much energy and character into the classroom. However, when I decided to pursue a career in classroom education, I found that math was where my passion lied. Math often plays the role of gatekeeper to many professions. I wanted to be a math teacher that could blow those gates wide open while integrating that same science teacher energy that I had so often missed in my math classes.”

Professional Experience

Following his undergraduate studies, John worked in construction for a couple of years before moving into environmental education. He spent two years working at Deep Portage, an environmental education center in northern Minnesota. He taught classes on bog and lake ecology, outdoor skills such as rock climbing and archery, and outdoor independence and empowerment classes, such as orienteering and survival. In 2019, John made the decision to transition to classroom teaching and started working as a substitute teacher at Brooklyn Center STEAM. 

John will begin his second year of teaching mathematics at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during the 2023–2024 school year. 


John used his previous experience in construction to build a tiny house! Additionally, he enjoys spending time with friends, especially when playing board games together. 

Academic Background

  • Luther College (Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Computer Science)
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Master of Education in Mathematics Education)