Education is a form of activism to me; I believe education is the key to empowering future generations.”

Joshua’s Story 

Teaching Disciplines

Biology and Environmental Science 

Why Biology/Environmental Science

I am an environmentalist who loves nature and the process of learning about it. A strong understanding of science has allowed me to enjoy researching the environment and health. I hope that with some connection and scientific understanding of the natural world, people will feel empowered to care for it.”

Professional Experience

Before entering the world of education, Joshua worked at Nordstrom as a divisional manager for seven years. During his educational studies, Joshua was named an Oregon Sea Grant Summer Scholar, and worked in the outreach and technical committee with a non-governmental organization, OCION—a network for researchers, policymakers, and managers to promote the use of scientific data in decision-making for Oregon’s coast. Joshua assisted with microplastics research as a volunteer with the Applied Coastal Ecology Lab and Portland State University. He worked as an educational assistant at Grants Pass High School for a year, and as a substitute teacher for about two years, combined, at various high schools. 

Joshua will begin his first year of teaching biology and environmental science at Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon, during the 2023–2024 school year. 


Joshua is passionate about sustainability. He is a member of his local environmental community. The group emphasizes regenerative agriculture with projects such as developing solar-powered electrical vehicles for a car share program. He also enjoys participating in 30-day challenges, with each challenge focusing on a new habit or skill that promotes sustainability. Additionally, Joshua enjoys gardening!

Academic Background 

  • Portland State University (Bachelor of Science in Science (Interdisciplinary), Bachelor of Science in Economics)
  • Portland State University (Master of Education in Secondary Education)