I strongly believe that education is the most viable path towards individual development and societal progress. I enjoy working with young adults, and I like helping people achieve their goals. Being an educator gives me the opportunity to improve people’s lives and keep my own fresh and exciting.”

Lucas’s Story

Teaching Discipline

Biology and Physical Science

Why Biology and Physical Science

“Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I spent a lot of time outdoors hiking and camping. During my outdoor explorations, my dad was always asking me questions about our surroundings, such as  ‘Why do you think that tree is bent over that way?’, ‘Where do you think that boulder came from?, and ‘Where do you think the fish hide in this river?’ As a result, I grew up with a curious mind for how the natural world worked. Teaching science became a way for me to inspire curiosity in others while letting me continue to explore my interests.”

Professional Experience

Lucas began his teaching career at West Albany High School in Albany, Oregon in February 2016. Before transitioning to formal education, he worked as a scuba diving instructor in Hawaii and as a tutor.

Volunteer Experience

Lucas trains a group of students after school in weightlifting and basketball.


Lucas enjoys spending time outdoors.

Academic Background

  • Oregon State University (Master of Science in Science Education)
  • University of Oregon (Bachelor of Science in Biology)