Teachers are necessary not only to provide students with the knowledge they need to become happy and successful members of society but also to act as a stable and positive force in their lives.”

Mackenzie’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Biology 

“I think that there is nothing more relevant to students than learning about the natural world and the ways in which their own bodies work.” 

Professional Experience

For six years, Mackenzie worked as a tutor, helping students ranging in age four to 65 with a variety of subjects, including calculus, biology, statistics, and elementary and middle-level math and reading skills. While at the University of South Carolina, she co-instructed a freshman transition course. Over the course of two years, she helped 40 freshmen students get acclimated to college life and learn study and time management skills.

Mackenzie will begin her first year of teaching at West Ashley High School during the 2021–2022 school year. 

Volunteer Experience

Mackenzie volunteers at a local rescue shelter and serves as a foster parent for dogs. 


In her spare time, Mackenzie enjoys reading and doing yoga.  

Academic Background

  • University of South Carolina (Bachelor of Science in Biology)
  • University of South Carolina (Master of Teacher in Secondary Science Education)