I hope, more than anything, to impart upon my students a curiosity about everyday life and processes that seem ordinary. I want them to be able to ask intelligent questions and be able to engage in independent learning to attempt to answer those questions.”

Nifemi’s Story

Teaching Discipline

Chemistry and Physics

Why Science

“While most people complained about the long lab sessions in college, I found that that was where I came alive. I enjoyed asking questions and investigating problems. I also enjoyed the fact that every answer led to more questions. Teaching science, for me, is about helping my students access this excitement of curiosity, investigation, and more curiosity. And because I consider teaching an act of social justice, I aim to equip my students with critical thinking and problem solving skills that will help them develop into active citizens of their local and global communities.”

Professional Experience

Nifemi worked for Northfield Mount Hermon Upward Bound Summer Academy as a tutor counselor intern, a senior honors teacher and an assistant dorm head. After completing her undergraduate studies, she was employed by First Baptist Church of Amherst for one year. In this role, she was responsible for equipping and supporting student leaders on college campuses, mentoring college students, and organizing events for their college ministry.

She gained additional teaching experience while working as an assistant teacher at the children’s house of the Amherst Montessori School and as a chemistry credit recovery student teacher at the Cambridge Harvard Summer Academy.

Nifemi began teaching full time at East Boston High School during the 2015–2016 school year.

Volunteer Experience

While studying abroad in Costa Rica, Nifemi taught English to fifth grade students. She also

worked with a student organization at Amherst College, The EDU. As a member of the leadership committee, she helped to organize Splash, a biannual learning event where local middle and high school students can attend classes taught by college students on diverse topics, ranging from Japanese to survival knot tying.


Nifemi enjoys cooking, reading, running, and driving around listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

Academic Background

  • Harvard University (Master of Education in Education)
  • Amherst College (Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry)