I want to give young people the sorts of positive experiences in science that I was lucky enough to have, so that they too may grow up with an appreciation for the work scientists do, and the motivation necessary to get out and make the world a better place.”

Sam’s Story

Sam Holloway has always felt a deep connection and curiosity towards the natural world. As a child, he studied animal behavior and backpacked through the Sierra Nevadas and the Rocky Mountains with his father.

Sam was particularly interested in his biology classes at Lyons High School, which helped him understand the interconnectedness of all life forms. During a class trip to Costa Rica he was exposed to a mind-blowing array of plants and animals and developed an interest in nature photography. Sam loved education and biology but decided to study the latter as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado. In college, Sam combined his love for plants and photography through independent study in a research lab. After graduation he felt torn between a career in science and education.  He returned to his university’s plant lab where for three years he had a successful career as a published research technician.

Sam never lost interest in education and realized that what he liked best about research was teaching and interacting with others. These feelings, along with his work leading teens in outdoor conservation projects in Boulder, influenced his decision to pursue a career in education.  Sam began teaching at his alma mater in 2010.