I teach as a means toward social justice. The students that I teach come from underserved communities, and my role as a teacher is to give them the tools they need so that they can overcome the inequalities they face. I believe in student-centered learning, restorative practices, and mastery grading that all work toward acknowledging the assets my students bring to the classroom. My students are successful when they are in an environment that believes in them.”

Sana’s Story 

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics

“I appreciate the certainty that mathematics provides. Today’s world is geared toward quantitative reasoning and data, and mathematics can be a powerful tool to prove your point. I want to show my students that math is not boring and irrelevant, but rather dynamic and powerful.”

Professional Experience

During her undergraduate studies, Sana worked for the Tufts Literacy Corps as a Community Center tutor for four years. Sana also worked for Camp Kinneret from 2016 to 2022. She spent time as a bus captain and a senior counselor, eventually working her way up to the position of an assistant director. In this role, she coached staff to develop their leadership skills through a growth mindset. 

Sana will begin her first year of teaching mathematics at Reseda Charter High School in Los Angeles, California, during the 2023–2024 school year. 


In her free time, Sana enjoys gardening. It is a recently acquired hobby, and she is eager to learn about how to grow a flourishing garden. 

Academic Background

  • Tufts University (Bachelor of Science in Math and Sociology)
  • University of California, Los Angeles (Master of Education in Math Education)