I am excited about Knowles’ mission of improving STEM education in the United States. As someone who works primarily in technology and design, I have a close relationship with and investment in the STEM fields, and I appreciate the passion and effort that all members of this organization exert with regard to our mission.”

Sarah’s Story

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. Following graduation, she was hired as an intern on the Brand Experience team at a Boston-based design and innovation consultancy. She remained on the team as a designer for one year. Assigned primarily to the account of a major wireless carrier, she supported their yearly advertising plan by designing a range of collateral, including animated, print and interactive. Sarah spent an additional two years as a core member of the company’s marketing team.

After moving to New Jersey, Sarah secured a position in the marketing communications group at Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. In her role as a designer, she was responsible for creating marketing and product launch collateral, while maintaining an adherence to all corporate brand identity standards. Through this position, she gained experience in project management and strengthened her expertise in eLearning development by creating a suite of product training modules.

In 2013, Sarah brought her skills to Knowles. She supports the goals of the organization by defining high standards for functionality for online environments and developing a seamless, consistently branded experience across multiple touch points. Sarah is also responsible for designing branded templates for all creative deliverables, including email communications, brochures and presentations.

Sarah currently resides in Sandown, NH. In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, cooking and crafting.

Email: sarah.ingraham@knowlesteachers.org