I believe that teachers should be supportive and guiding figures in society. Teachers have the ability to support students and guide others in how to support children. I also believe that teachers should help students build confidence in the belief that they have the power to succeed in STEM.”

Sophya’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Chemistry

“I chose to teach chemistry because I want to share my love for the subject with students. I want to help students understand how the world around them works and what they can do to positively affect their environment.”

Professional Experience

During her undergraduate studies, Sophya worked as a chemistry and mathematics tutor at Tutors for Tots, Tweens, and Teens in Long Beach, California, from 2016 to 2019. She spent two years working as an instructional student assistant for chemistry at California State. During the spring semester of 2020, Sophya worked as an organic chemistry laboratory adjunct instructor. During her graduate studies, she worked as a general chemistry teaching assistant at the University of Wisconsin. She volunteered at the Wisconsin Middle School Science Bowl in both 2021 and 2022, and worked within the Chemistry Opportunities Program and the Chemistry Department Catalyst Program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 

Sophya will begin her first year of teaching chemistry at Olney High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the 2023–2024 school year.


In her free time, Sophya enjoys caring for her cat Misty, doing jigsaw puzzles, and exploring nature. 

Academic Background 

  • California State University, Fullerton (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry)
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison (Master of Science in Chemistry)
  • West Chester University (Master of Education in Secondary Education)