The Spring 2015 issue of Kaleidoscope offers a diverse array of passionate teacher voice

The Spring 2015 issue of Kaleidoscope offers a diverse array of passionate teacher voices. In this issue, teachers’ experiences and values take center stage; each author captures his/her beliefs around an aspect of being an educator.

Two articles center on the vital importance of schooling where the authors explore different versions of student voice. Senior Fellow Lindsey Quinlisk describes the struggles and joys of going to school in rural Tanzania through the eyes of Asinta, a representative high school student, and reminds us of the opportunities of education at home and abroad. Senior Fellow Lindsay Wells reflects upon her role as a mentor and advocate through imagining and writing about the “future lives” of her students.

Four Senior Fellows on the KSTF Engineering Task Force (ETF) present a multi-faceted view of the ETF’s engineering design process through a discussion of the phases of engineering as related to science and math instruction. Casey O’Hara, Katey Shirey, Scott Murphy, and Kelsey Johnson take turns explaining and extolling the virtues of each design phase.

Two Senior Fellows discuss the importance of relationships and team communication to improve teaching and foster community. Carmen Davis reflects upon her move from a classroom teacher to a school-wide Director of Instruction and the epiphany that helped her transition. She challenges us to examine our collegial relationships as teachers intent upon equitable student experiences. Victor Chen shares the insights he gained from Critical Friends Group training and the impact of leading and participating in such a group on his local teacher community.