I wanted to thank you for running Beverly Stuckwisch's article on teaching in a one-to-one classroom in the Spring 2017 issue of Kaleidoscope (“An Honest Look at a One-to-One Classroom”). I was particularly impressed Beverly was able to identify the assumptions she held about what teaching in a digitally-rich environment would be like, as well as her ability to present the beginning of a framework for using technology in ways that truly support student learning.

Thanks to a recent bond passed in my school district, I am fortunate to have some say in how our technology money is spent as a member of my school’s site technology committee. From the discussions that are held during our meetings, I think many teachers, administrators, and even district personnel would be wise to heed Beverly’s cautions as they consider their own planning. I appreciate how Beverly models an inquiry process when considering the use of technology in her classroom—beginning with a question to test her assumptions, and collecting data through student surveys to help develop her thinking further. Again, this process is one from which our district technology team stands to learn.

Finally, Beverly’s conclusion that when it comes to using technology, teachers should begin with asking how student learning will be affected is so basic a dimension, yet one we strangely seem to lose track of in these discussions. I appreciate Beverly’s humility to remind her readers that it’s okay to take a step back when things don’t work out the way we assumed or hoped they might. It is an important reminder for me as an early-career teacher—one that will stay with me beyond the discussion of technology.

Sophie State

Senior Fellow

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