In this episode of Teacher Voice: The Podcast, we talk with teachers who have come to teaching after having a different career. What was it that drew these career changers to the teaching profession?

“Although I loved math and was a math teacher, I wasn’t in the math business teaching students—I was in the student business teaching math.”– Rick Barlow

In this episode of Teacher Voice, hosts Kirstin Milks and Rick Barlow, both career changers, talk with other teachers who have also joined the teaching profession after another career.

Listen to the podcast to hear Diarra Gueye talk about what caused her to leave a fast-moving career on Wall Street for the classroom. Hear how Valentina Bumbu sought out the human connections that were missing from her work as a chemist for Sigma Aldrich. What about the clout of studying biochemistry looking for a cure for cancer? It wasn’t enough for Kirstin Milks. And hear how a piece of wisdom from the corporate world provides the guiding light for Rick Barlow’s classroom pedagogy.

“This was not in my career plans . . . but this is the happiest thing I’ve done forever.” – Diarra Gueye

To hear more about these teachers’ journeys to the classroom, listen to Teacher Voice: The Podcast.


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