In this episode of Teacher Voice: The Podcast, we revisit stories from teachers who have come to teaching from another profession. Hear how the experiences they had in their previous professions inform what they prioritize in their teaching today.

“I had two options: go traditional, or go with what I think would be helpful for my students.”

– Valentina Bumbu

In this episode of Teacher Voice, hosts Kirstin Milks and Rick Barlow, both career changers, revisit their conversations with other teachers who have also joined the teaching profession after another career.

What emerges in these conversations is how these teachers emphasize professional skills, like taking initiative to ask for resources that you need or valuing failure as part of the learning process, because those are the very things that were either missing in their professional worlds or skills they wished they had developed earlier in life. Listen in to hear how these teachers are really grappling with what is best and most important for students to take with them from their classrooms.

“I think a lot of things that happened could have been avoided in terms of the perks that I’ve experienced or the pain, if I had failed earlier, but I went to school with a teacher that just told me I was amazing all the time.”

– Diarra Gueye

To hear more about these teachers’ experiences after publishing their work, listen to Teacher Voice: The Podcast.

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