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From the Editors’ Desk: Remembering Harry KnowlesThe Kaleidoscope editors reflect on the impacts of Harry’s work with the Knowles Teacher Initiative.2020
From the Editors’ Desk: Teaching Means More than Teachers will Ever KnowA letter from a student changes one teacher’s perception of the power of community.2020
From the Editors’ Desk: What is “Normal?”Reconsidering our ideas of what teaching “should be” and what it can be.2018
Moving Beyond Dropbox: Designing Powerfully Shareable Curriculum MaterialsHow curriculum materials we share can be designed to more powerfully support the work and growth of other teachers.2018
I Need a Minute: Teaching and Learning as Introverts in an Extroverted CultureSmall shifts can improve the social experiences of teaching and learning for all.2018
From the Editors’ Desk: Celebrating the Journey2018
Giving Props to New TeachersSmall actions by veteran teachers can make a lasting impact.2017
From the Editors’ Desk: Our Current Narratives Aren’t EnoughYou can tell from perusing this issue that we’ve been thinking quite a bit about “super-teacher” stories—the narratives surrounding what these teachers do, where those narratives come from, and how they affect our identities as teachers and learners.2017
An Honest Look at a One-to-One ClassroomHow laptops transformed my ideas about what role technology should play in my classroom.2017