Teachers are one of the most vital components of creating a just and productive society, because they help shape the young minds that will be our future leaders. I am looking forward to a day when teachers are met with more reverence and respect, and teaching across the country improves, as a result of teachers working together to build the profession.”

Lauren’s Story

Prior to selecting teaching as a profession, Lauren was focused on attaining a career in animal behavior research. While pursuing this career path, she interned in zoos across the country, including the San Diego Zoo and the Brookfield Zoo. She also conducted research on terrestrial and marine ecosystems along the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia. After earning a Bachelor of Science in biology from The College of Idaho, she earned a post baccalaureate certificate in zoo and aquarium studies and a Master of Science in biology from Western Illinois University. Additionally, she worked as a teaching assistant and as a nature camp instructor. Through these experiences with informal education, she realized that her skills and interests would be best served by sharing her love of science with others.

To ease her transition to the field of education, Lauren pursued a Master of Arts in Teaching from the Urban Education Institute at the University of Chicago. While there, she traveled to San Salvador, Bahamas to study the inter-relatedness of biology and geology through an investigation of various fossilized and living systems.

As a participant in the KSTF Teaching Fellows Program, Lauren looks forward to having resources to support her work in the classroom and her development as a teacher, both inside and outside of the classroom. Additionally, she is excited to have continued opportunities to collaborate within and across KSTF cohorts, and with staff, to help bring the best teaching practices to classrooms across the country.

In her spare time, Lauren attempts to take in as much nature as she can find in urban/suburban Illinois. She also enjoys working on her yoga practice, working and teaching at a swim school, and spending time with her cat.