Teachers should inspire people to reach their full potential, introduce new ways of thinking, build confidence, improve the education system and open doors to new possibilities.”

Samantha’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics

“Teaching math is not only about teaching computations and processes, it is about critical thinking, creative thinking, communication and collaboration.”

Volunteer Experience

During her undergraduate studies, Samantha worked as a Youth Intern for Severns Valley Baptist Church. In this role, she planned and organized events for middle and high school students and met one on one with students to assist with personal development. Most importantly, she discovered her passion for working with high school students. Samantha also volunteers at a local soup kitchen and with Habitat for Humanity.

Professional Experience

As an Undergraduate Assistant for math at the University of Kentucky, Samantha enjoyed teaching math and working with students. After the completion of her internship with Severns Valley Baptist Church the following summer, Samantha decided to become a high school math teacher because it would allow her to combine her passions—working with youth and mathematics. Samantha began teaching full time during the 2014–2015 academic year.


Samantha enjoys spending time with family and playing piano.

Academic Background

  • University of Kentucky (Master of Arts in Secondary Education)
  • University of Kentucky (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics)