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How an understanding of status can improve your teachingRosiane Lesperance, Ayanna Perry2024
What does it mean to do math or science?Ayanna Perry2024
Six Knowles Fellows Achieve National Board Certification2024
Connecting High School Science to Sociocultural Issues2024
Keep the Conversation Going in Science Class2023
The Benefits of Defining Inclusion With Your Students2023
Entry Points for Authentically Integrating Social Justice into the Engineering Design ProcessEmily Berman, Shannon Morey2023
From Chalkboards to Chatbots: Ethically Embracing AI in Education2023
From Co-Developing Norms to Providing Them: A Journey Toward More Equitable Community Building2023
Complex Instruction: Do I Have The Time, Energy, And Resources To Improve My Practice?Jon Zehnder2023
Leveraging Assets of Multilingual LearnersBen Blanco, Tess Carlson, Rachel Herrera, Casey Nolan, Albert David Valderrama, Takumi Sato2023
Transforming Education Together: Knowles Welcomes 2023 Cohort of Teaching Fellows 2023
The Importance of Collegial RelationshipsGina Wilson2023
My Love/Hate Relationship With “Student Hat”: A Facilitation JourneyMegan Fretz2023
Thoughtfully Engaging Marginalized Students in Social Justice TasksAyanna Perry, Swetha Narasimhan2023
All Teachers as LeadersCarolyn Ross2023
The Power of CoachingZenas Lee2023
To Lecture or Not to Lecture is Not the Right QuestionSamantha O'Connor2023
Huddle Up: Data Huddles for the Collaborative Win!2023
Finding AlliesJessica Watts2023
Where I’m From: Reflections on Teacher Identity, Culture, and ExperiencesSara Valdez, Rosiane Lesperance2023
Four Knowles Fellows Achieve National Board Certification2023
Unconventional Classroom Assessments to Promote Equity: A conversation with Dr. Hosun Kang2022
2022 Cohort of Knowles Teaching Fellows Announced2022
Knowles Elects Science Education Scholar & Prominent Physician and Researcher as Trustees2022
Knowles Senior Fellow Shannon Morey Named 2022 Massachusetts STEM Teacher of the Year2022
Knowles Names Jeffrey J. Rozelle President and CEO2022
Three Knowles Fellows Achieve National Board Certification2022
Program Officer for Teacher Development2022
Knowles Announces 2021 Cohort of Teaching Fellows2021
Mathematics Teacher Dwaina Sookhoo Appointed to Knowles Board of Trustees2021
Knowles Academy Teacher Professional Development Courses Announced2021
Two Knowles Fellows Achieve National Board Certification2021
Stop Asian Hate2021
2020 Knowles Teaching Fellows Announced2020
Knowles Fellow Named as Recipient of Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching2020
Should Schools Reopen During the COVID-19 Pandemic? An Educator’s Perspective (Part Three)2020
Should Schools Reopen In-Person During the COVID-19 Pandemic? An Educator’s Perspective (Part Two)Kristin Mongelli2020
Should Schools Reopen In-Person During the COVID-19 Pandemic? An Educator’s Perspective (Part One)Kristin Mongelli2020
Knowles Teacher Initiative President and CEO Recognized for Leadership2020
Knowles Teaching Fellowship Application Now Available2020
Teaching in the Time of Coronavirus: A Conversation with a Math Teacher in TexasZoe Rothenberger2020
Teaching in the Time of Coronavirus: A Conversation with a Chemistry and Physics Teacher in IowaDaniel Voss2020
Teaching in the Time of Coronavirus: A Conversation with a Physics Teacher at Escondido High School2020
Teaching in the Time of Coronavirus: A Conversation with a Physics Teacher at a Charter School in OaklandBriana Clarke2020
Teaching in the Time of Coronavirus: A Conversation with a Veteran Physics and Engineering Teacher at an Independent School in SeattleMichael Town, Jeff Rozelle2020
Teaching in the Time of Coronavirus: A Conversation with a 4th-year Math Teacher in New York City Public SchoolsJeff Rozelle, Ishrat Ahmed2020
The Knowles Coaching Partnership Program: A Question and Answer SessionJacqueline Kutvirt, Kristin Mongelli2020
Knowles Academy Summer 2020 Teacher Professional Development Announced2020
Three Knowles Fellows Achieve National Board Certification2020
Prolific Inventor and Philanthropist Dies, Leaves Legacy through the Knowles Teacher Initiative2020
Knowles Fellow Receives Presidential Award2019
Knowles Announces 2019 Cohort of Teaching Fellows2019
Knowles Teacher Initiative Receives Major Gift from C. Harry Knowles and Lucy Balian Rorke-Adams2019
Knowles Opens 2020 Teaching Fellowship Application2019
Building a Community of Teacher-WritersRebecca Van Tassell2019
New Knowles Video Published2019
Knowles Academy Summer 2019 Teacher Professional Development Announced2019
How Our “Ideals” Influence Whom We Teach: Part TwoAyanna Perry, Katey Shirey2019
Six Knowles Fellows Achieve National Board Certification2019
How Our “Ideals” Influence Whom We Teach: Part OneKatey Shirey, Ayanna Perry2019
Founding Chairman C. Harry Knowles Passes the Torch2018
Knowles Announces 2018 Cohort of Teaching Fellows2018
It’s Time to Reconsider How We Value Teachers’ WorkKirstin Milks2018
Walking Our Talk: Embedding Inquiry into Our Own PracticeRoseanne Rostock2018
The ShuffleNicholas Chan2018
Journal Article by Herrmann PublishedZachary Herrmann2018
Journal Article by Clinch Published2018
Investment Leader Bei Saville Appointed to Knowles Board of Trustees2018
Application Available for 2019 Knowles Teaching Fellowship2018
Journal Article by Shirey PublishedKatey Shirey2018
A Life-Long TeacherBrittany Franckowiak2018
The Unexpected Turning PointLindsey Quinlisk2018
The Knowles Academy: Professional Growth for Seasoned TeachersKatey Shirey2018
Colorblind Versus Color’splaining: When Teachers and Teacher Mentors Examine the Use of Race as a Lens to Evaluate Teaching PracticeSuzanne Garcia, Ayanna Perry2018
How I Came to Appreciate the Power of Identity in the Classroom2018
Helping Students “Think Hard”Heidi Park2018
A Difficult, But Necessary ChangeCristian Chacon2018
Welcoming the Person with the Clipboard: Classroom Observation as a Valuable Tool for Improvement2018
What’s the Trouble with Teacher Knowledge?Roseanne Rostock2018
Nine Knowles Fellows Achieve National Board Certification2018
One Day at a TimeEmma Vierheller2018
Knowles Academy Launched2018
Getting “Comfortable with the Uncomfortable:” Conversations About Race and EducationVictor Chen2017
Forming a Safe Space for LGBTQ Students at My SchoolAnthony Stetzenmeyer2017
Shouldn’t You Be A Superintendent By Now?2017
The Power of Relationships in Becoming Teacher Leaders2017
Owning the Imposter PhenomenonJoyce Lin2017
Building Community Through The Use of Protocols2017
Celebrating All Forms of Teacher LeadershipRebecca Van Tassell2017
Code Camp at Knowles: Teaching Teachers to Program2017
Learning From Small Victories, Mistakes and FailuresNicole Gillespie, Heather Buskirk2017
It’s Not What You Know, It’s How You Know ItNicole Gillespie2017
Name Change AnnouncementPress Release2017
KSTF Selects 2017 Cohort of Teaching FellowsPress Release2017
Forming Teacher Leader Identities2017
Programming Professional Development at the Knowles Teacher Initiative: How We Made a Code Camp2017
O’Hara Co-Wrote Journal Article2017
Brown Recognized as Unsung Hero2017
Leading From Alongside, Rather Than Out in Front: Non-positional Ways of Being a Teacher LeaderRoseanne Rostock2017
2018 Knowles Teaching Fellowship Application AvailablePress Release2017
Small Moves, Big Impact: Making Space for Student StoriesJoshuah Thurbee2017
Teacher Social Capital and Educational Improvement2017
Engaging as Critical Friends2017
Computational Literacy Is Literacy: Programming Professional Development (Part 1: Foundations)2017
McDowell: Helping Students in Wake of Devos Confirmation2017
Practitioner Inquiry and Reclaiming the Teaching Profession (Part Two)2017
Sakow Co-Wrote Journal ArticleMatt Sakow2017
Arlington Teacher Gives Students Lesson From The South Pole2017
An Open Letter to Senator Franken2017
Practitioner Inquiry and Reclaiming the Teaching Profession (Part One)2017
Zombie Survival Kit Project Helps Students Understand Renewable Energy ResourcesBrian Schwenk2016
Biology Teacher Fulfills Dalai Lama’s Request for Science Education2016
Studying Teacher Communities: Working Through Some Inherent Challenges Of Inquiry2016
Introduction to Inquiry Practices and Habits of Mind2016
Keeping Our Expectations High2016
Get Writing!2016
The Importance of Teacher Stories2016
The Value of Interdisciplinary Units in the ClassroomEmily Berman2016
Improvement Science as a Means to Amplify Teacher Voice2016
Teacher Collaboration as the Key to Our Students’ FuturesBradford Hill2016
Teaching Through Challenges that Matter to Students2016
Recruiting International Students: Decisions to Consider (Part Two)2016
Recruiting International Students: Decisions to Consider (Part One)2016
Problematizing Frameworks for Emerging Multilinguals2016
Where are Teachers in the Conversation About Education?2016
The Counter-Intuitive Benefits of Teacher Leadership: Staying Sane and Sustained2016
Bringing Teacher Voice to the Table2016
Enriching Student Learning Through Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration2016
Use Your Story: Teacher Learning Through Storytelling2016
What Does it Mean for Teachers to be the Primary Agents of Educational Improvement?2016
Understanding Teacher Community as a System: A Strategy for Leadership Development (Part Two)Roseanne Rostock2016
Understanding Teacher Community as a System: A Strategy for Leadership Development (Part One)Roseanne Rostock2016
Traphagen Writes Letter to the Editor2016
Assessing Individual Roles in Collaborative Relationships2016
Building a Strong Cohort Community as a Strategy For Leadership Development2016
Supporting Early-Career Teachers to be Teacher Leaders2016
What is the Most Important Thing We Can Teach Our Students? Scaffolding KindnessJamie Melton2016
What is the Most Important Thing We Can Teach Our Students? It’s Not About the Content2016
What is the Most Important Thing We Can Teach Out Students? Ask How We Know What We Know2016
Leadership Without Followership: Teachers as Leaders in Educational Improvement2016
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Announces 2016 Cohort of Teaching FellowsPress Release2016
What is the Most Important Thing We Can Teach Our Students? No One Thing2016
What is the Most Important Thing We Can Teach Our Students? A Plea For Compassion2016
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Appoints Three TrusteesPress Release2016
What is the Most Important Thing We Can Teach Our Students? The Language of Power2016
Physics in Your Future2016
BSCS, EDC AND KSTF Lead NSF Funded Teacher Leadership SymposiumPress Release2016
KSTF Teaching Fellowship Application AvailablePress Release2016
More than a Case Study: Optimism in the Biology Classroom2016
Stewart Co-Authors Data Paper2016
Why Science Needs Failure to Succeed2015
Why are Kansas teachers fleeing?2015
Why Teachers—Like Me—Left Kansas2015
Being Prepared to Keep Getting Better2015
My View: New Science Standards Empower Students2015
Racing Towards Algebra and Slope2015
Physics Teacher Bradford Hill to be Honored by President Obama2015
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Launches Project ASCENTPress Release2015
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Announces 2015 Cohort of Teaching FellowsPress Release2015
National Board Certified Teacher Heather Buskirk Appointed to KSTF Board of TrusteesPress Release2015
How to Teach Students to Struggle and Fail — Productively2015
San Francisco Education Majors Have a Chance to Make a Difference2015
Teacher: In My Class, Failure is Not an Option. It is a Requirement.2015
Teacher: The Important Conversations We Are Too “Scared” to Have2015
World Renowned Pediatric Neuropathologist Lucy Balian Rorke Adams Appointed to KSTF Board of TrusteesPress Release2015
Science Teacher Finds Gaining Certification Gave Her More Insight Into Her Craft2015
Making the Best of Winter to Teach Engineering Design2015
Application Available for 2016 KSTF Teaching FellowshipsPress Release2015
Being an Agent of Change is a Driving Force for a Philadelphia Teacher2015
HSCSD Teacher Receives National Board Certification2015
Service Learning: Real-Life Applications for Learning2015
Classroom Coaches Critical As Teachers Shift to Common Core2015
S.J. Businesspeople on the Move2015
KSTF Executive Director Nicole Gillespie Appointed to BSCS Board of DirectorsPress Release2015
Teacher Leadership and Educational Improvement in a Complex System2015
Five KSTF Fellows Achieve National Board CertificationPress Release2015
Quality Math and Science Teachers Are in High Demand in Houston2015
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Publishes Inaugural JournalPress Release2014
Three Ways to Squash Curiosity (And Three Ways to Foster it)2014
One Community at a Time2014
New (School) Year Resolutions Part 32014
Collective Teacher Agency2014
For UW-River Falls Class, Summer Means Studying An Icy Telescope2014
Teacher Leadership As Adaptive Leadership2014
Award-Winning San Francisco Teacher Inspires Kids to Full Potential2014
Backbone Teachers: The Importance of a Networked Community2014
The Untapped Potential of Teacher Networks2014
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Announces 2014 Teaching FellowsPress Release2014
The Role of Evaluation in a Learning Organization2014
KSTF Names Jeffrey J. Rozelle Director, Teaching Fellows ProgramPress Release2014
Bringing Science to the Community2014
Kirstin Milks Published in Educational Leadership2014
Optimizing Student Learning with Complex Instruction2014
Modeling at the Intersection of Learning and Teaching2014
Deepening Content Knowledge for Teaching2014
The Trouble with Top-Down2014
What’s in a name? The Case for ‘Leading Teacher’ vs. ‘Teacher Leader’2014
High-Leverage iPad Apps for the Mathematics Classroom2014
Chalkboard Champions2014
Energy Theatre2014
Lee High School Students Visit Port Isobel2014
iShare with Guest Author Kristin Germinario2014
Jim Lane Delivers TedX Talk on 3D Modeling2014
Bradford Hill Wins Physics Teaching Award2014
Application Open for 2015 KSTF Teaching FellowshipsPress Release2014
The Many Faces of Teacher Leadership2014
Backbone Teachers: The Importance of Teacher-Generated Professional Knowledge2014
Four Elements to Professional Growth2014
Why Teaching is a Career, Not a Career Starter2014
Closing the “Engineering Gap”: Why KSTF Supports Teachers Generating Knowledge About Engineering Practices in Classrooms2014
How We Created a Network of STEM Teachers2014
Freedom High School Teacher, Mandi Kraemer, Attains National Board Certification2014
First Year Teacher: 4 Things That Prepared Me For My Job2014
Six KSTF Fellows Achieve National Board CertificationPress Release2014
Why Practitioner Inquiry?2014
Why Practitioner InquiryJodie Galosy2014
Backbone Teachers: What Does It Mean to Be an Outstanding Teacher?2014
Jesuit High School’s Physics Teacher Pushes Students2014
IceCube Neutrino Observatory On Cover of Science Magazine2013
Buskirk Featured on WHMT Talks Education2013
Pulling a More Diverse Group of Achievers into the AP Pool2013
Bloomberg Radio Honor Roll Highlights Watson2013
School Garden Spearheaded by Snodgrass Featured on Bloomberg Radio2013
JHS Seniors Take Part in Experimental Program2013
KSTF Article Published in Special Issue of The Clearing HousePress Release2013
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Closes Final 2013 Fall MeetingPress Release2013
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Forms Engineering Task ForcePress Release2013
Project Aims to Assess Effects of Pollution2013
Jenks Discusses Going Paperless on KUWJ-FM2013
Senior Fellow Blogs About Arduino2013
New Lenox Native Awarded One of 35 STEM Teaching FellowshipsRick Barlow2013
Ashland High Grad Receives Honor2013
Livermore High ’07 Grad Picked for Fellowship2013
New High School Teacher is Distinguished Fellowship Winner2013
Roach Named Teaching Fellow2013
UCSB Teacher Program Graduate Wins Big Award2013
Nine KSTF Teaching Fellowships Handed Out to Current Stanford Students and Alums2013
Two UCSC Alumni Win Science Teaching Fellowships2013
Bay Area Educators Win Science Teaching Fellowships2013
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Hosted Annual Summer MeetingPress Release2013
Three MSU Alumni Receive National Science Teaching Fellowship2013
2 Gervirtz Graduates Win Knowles Fellowships As They Launch Careers in High School Science Teaching2013
Concord Teacher Joins Seven Other East Bay Educators as KSTF Fellows2013
UCSB Teaching Fellows Highlighted Locally2013
Graduate Student Liz Smith Named Knowles Teaching Fellow2013
ASU Alum Awarded STEM Teaching Fellowship2013
Rantoul Press Publishes Feature on Award-Winning Biology Teacher2013
Former Mesa Trader-Turned-Teacher Wins Fellowship2013
Jenks, Other Local Educators to Teach in Tech Academy2013
Chemistry Cook-Off: Appreciate the Science Behind the Food2013
KSTF Selects 2013 Teaching Fellowship AwardeesPress Release2013
Five Reasons to Play with Food in the Science Classroom2013
Herb Gardening for Healthy Bodies & Planet2013
Food for Thought: Student Perspectives on School Gardens2013
Dr. Nicole Gillespie Named Executive Director of the Knowles Science Teaching FoundationPress Release2013
Six KSTF Teachers Awarded National Board CertificationPress Release2013
KSTF Accepting Applications for 2013 Teaching FellowshipsPress Release2012
KSTF Names 34 New Teaching Fellows in 19 StatesPress Release2012
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Calls on Presidential Candidates to Reinvigorate National Commitment to the Teaching ProfessionPress Release2012
Recent Grads at the Top of Their Game Choose to TeachPress Release2011
Dr. Jodie A. Galosy Joins Knowles Science Teaching Foundation as Senior Program Officer for ResearchPress Release2010
2010 KSTF Teaching Fellows Poised to Transform Math and Science Education in United States High SchoolsPress Release2010