Moorestown, N.J., April 29, 2016 – The Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS), the Education Development Center (EDC) and the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF) are leading a Math/Science Teacher Leadership Symposium April 29–May 3, 2016, in Colorado Springs, Colo. The symposium is being held to understand and articulate the features of high-quality mathematics and science teacher leadership programs, in an effort to decrease fragmentation across mathematics and science education, and develop recommendations for future practice and research in teacher leadership development.

“Effective math and science teachers play a vital role in promoting educational improvement in the classroom. Through this project, we will identify the requirements for supporting the development of effective teacher leaders,” said Jody Bintz, Director of Professional Learning, BSCS.

The symposium is the second phase of a two-year project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Developing math/science teacher leadership: A consensus approach to evaluating program quality, and will be attended by 19 leading professionals in mathematics and science education and teacher leadership.

“This symposium and project is an incredible opportunity to synthesize and leverage knowledge about teacher leadership to strengthen science and mathematics education in the U.S,” stated Nicole Gillespie, KSTF Executive Director and symposium facilitator.

The project will produce critical guidance for the design of teacher leadership development programs that is grounded in scholarship and exemplary practice and that represents consensus among leaders in the field. Symposium proceedings will be available to the public in the fall of 2016 and a final report will be published in the spring of 2017.

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